Can God Use Me?

 Paul said, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. 2Cor 4:7

This year our women’s bible study is going through the books of Judges and Ruth. Last week our study covered Judges 3 where God sent three individuals to deliver His people from their misery. Even though they were not truly sorry over their sin, they cried out to God because the consequences of their rebellion made their lives miserable. God was moved by their cry and because of His tender mercies took the initiative to relieve their suffering. God’s desire however was that His people would repent and return to Him, and live the lives He had called them to for their blessing and His glory in all the earth.

What I find so encouraging was the individuals whom God used. One of them was a man named Ehud (Judges 3:15–30). The word tell us he was left-handed man, who came from the tribe of Benjamin. The Benjamites were known for their ambidexterity.

However, the text of Judges 3:15 can be translated “a man handicapped in the right hand,” which suggests that he was not ambidextrous at all but able to use only his left hand.

One man with a lame right hand would not make the “top ten” list of the military elite, and what threat could he be to a wicked and powerful king.

Yet, God’s word unfolds the story that Ehud God’s choice for the task, a task that would be overwhelming to anyone, let alone someone who has a physical challenge. By wise planning he was able to get a private audience with the king. When he was alone with this man he wasted no time in drawing his dagger and putting it to use right in the kings fat belly. He escaped the kings presence without being suspect by the kings secret service. And last but not least, he rallied God’s people assuring them that God was going to give them victory in a battle to defeat their oppressors the Moabites. Not only was Moab defeated, but the tables were turned and the Moabites became servants to Israel.

What a mighty God we serve! That’s what this story is all about but too often we make serving God about ourselves. We find one excuse or another for standing on the sidelines but never getting in the game. We always seem to stop just one step short of being available as  an instrument God can use. We wait for our circumstances to be ideal or our health to improve. We hesitate because we compare ourselves with someone else’s gift in the church, so our pride becomes deflated.

Ehud’s circumstances were less than ideal when God used him. God’s people were in a mess. Ehud had a physical handicap in the world’s eyes. He certainly didn’t have access to “go fund me” to get the word out and rally up support.

Were has God placed you? Your home, or your job, your school and your church are all a mission field for the Lord. Will you allow Him to use you just as you are, right where you are?

Paul reminds us, that we all are clay pots. God wants to pour His might and His glory in and through you and me to serve His great cause in our generation. Only then will we discover the great joy that the surpassing greatness of the power is of Him and not ourselves.


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