Hand Written Notes

Your words were found and I ate them, and Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; for I have been called by Your name, O Lord of hosts. Jer 15:16

The other day I had a sweet surprise from my son. He works in construction and is currently demo-ing a house in Beverly Hills. This is not just any house. It’s the former home of the late actor Cary Grant. As loved ones were going through the house and saving certain items before the house would be completely leveled, they found hand written notes by the famous actor. They were small pieces of paper that had just a few simple words written on them and signed with the actor’s initials. Nothing fancy, and hardly worth a second look but my son brought them home to me knowing that I’m a huge fan. I can’t tell you how excited I was to read these tiny little pieces of paper and tuck them away safely as keepsakes. My elation was quickly challenged by the Holy Spirit asking me a very penetrating question. “Laurie, do My hand written notes (My Word) have the same effect in your heart?”

I will be forever grateful that as a new believer God placed me in a church that emphasized the teaching of the word of God. I’m also indebted that the women’s ministry in that church taught me the invaluable lesson of studying the bible. Had I not learned early in my Christian life how God’s word was the foundation for everything I would ever hope to become as a godly woman, I can’t imagine how differently my life would be today.

However, as I became an eager student of the word, and slowing maturing (still am) I also discovered the many books that would also help inform and teach me about God and His word. I have in my library books that have become my spiritual milestones in challenging me to grow more closely to my Savior. I’ve read books that have covered certain topics that have aided me along through seasons of pain, and perplexity and the desire to know God’s purpose.

At one point some years ago, I realized how much my library had grown. Thank God for a great library! Good books and trusted authors can be a great help in our walk with God. But what occurred to me then and has stayed with me since, was a discovery I hope to cherish for the rest of my earthly journey. There is no other book like the word of God.

In this verse you can’t help but notice the heart, the hunger, the delight and the desperation that Jeremiah had for the word of God. 

When we go to the Psalms we see the same intense passion for God’s word. Psalm 119:174 says, “I long for Your salvation, O Lord, and Your law is my delight.” 

Ladies, God’s word is a written letter by Him. Although He used human agencies to communicate what He wanted to reveal of His glory, His wisdom, His grace and so much more, they are nonetheless divine in their revelation, and stand unmatched in their power for transformation.

Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your written Word and for my Savior, the living Word. May Your hand written notes continue to be the joy and delight of my heart to sustain me, satisfy me and most of all secure me in the pursuit of knowing You. In Your name I pray!


  1. Anita Hill

    I agree “Amen” this is one of my favorite Scripture, Jeremiah 15:16

    Praise God for the love and beauty of His Word and how this Word is a living reminder of how our lives must shine with the life of Christ and by reading, studying, taking in and chewing on this very Word of God we are transformed and lovingly changed into the image of Jesus our Savior. Thank you Laurie for sharing this God given incite of His amazing Word and as always your firm foundation on Jesus and how very vital our daily reading of His Word is to be a part of our lives, lived for Him. With love and prayer for you always, Anita

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