The Silence After Christmas

“But Mary treasured all these things, and pondering them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

As strange as it may sound, I love the silence after Christmas. I’m not one of the many who jump in the car on Dec 26th, and rush out to cash in on the gift cards, and post holiday mark downs. The week after Christmas is when I take time to think, reflect and sit quietly to think over the past year. This is a time for me to take inventory in my walk with the Lord and consider what His heart wants for me in the new year. With all the rush and hurry of the days leading up to Christmas, the week after is my time to recharge.

I thank God He intentionally recorded in the pages of His word that during the most life altering, history making moments since time began, the birth of the Savior of the world, Mary pondered these events in her heart. Not once do we read that Mary took her anxiety out on Joseph or told the shepherds to go away because she needed a time out for herself. There’s nothing in scripture where we read that she left the baby with the in-laws and packed her bags to go on a personal retreat.

Instead, what we find is a young women who somehow learned to take the events of life as they came, and direct her heart toward God. Mary made the choice to consider the significance of these events in light of the sovereign will of God.

Let’s not miss the necessary silence! We live in a world with a fast paced, high-speed and download in seconds mentality. Even today’s recipes are labeled “quick and easy”. Information is at our fingertips at a blink of an eye. But when do we take the time to stop and consider the meaning of our lives with heavens eyes.

When Jesus told the disciple to gather up the fragments of the loaves and fishes, there was meaning in that too. Was Jesus ahead of His time on recycling, reusing and reclaiming the leftovers? I don’t think that was the point. Those leftovers could’ve been trashed, oh but what a lesson in God’s provision. Every fish and every loaf that they picked up after the crowds went home, would speak into the hearts of the once doubting disciples.

Ladies, before the new year is in full swing let’s ponder in quietness and silence the past year. Let’s sit and reflect on the lessons God was trying to teach us. Let’s thank Him for His grace and strength that upheld us in that past twelve months. And most importantly, may our hearts consider what He has for our lives in the new year in light of His good and acceptable and perfect will.

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