What Do You Crave?

As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God! Ps 42:1

My husband and I have two completely opposite ideas about eating. He likes anything with saturated fat and I’m a consumer of all things green and leafy. Kale and Brussel sprouts take up about a third of our refrigerator while the bacon and cheese are nestled side by side in the lunchmeat drawer. But if I’m to be completely and utterly honest, a warm chocolate chip cookie almost always has my name on it. Yep, I crave warm gooey chocolatey goodness on a regular basis.

I confess that Christ, His Word, and His ways have not always been what my mind, heart, and soul craved. While I’ve had teaching from and access to the Bible most of my life, I did not always treasure, crave, read, and study God’s Word. But I can tell you that my longing has changed.

Psalm 119 highlights the magnitude and beauty of God’s inspired, inerrant Word. The psalmist names multiple reasons why Christians thrive through this priceless gift.

Here is just one of the reasons why God’s Word is vital to daily health, happiness, and holiness: I want to know God and love Him more (vv. 10, 15, 18, 41, 57, 68, 104, 135 )

The secret of knowing and loving God is knowing and loving His Word. One never surpasses the other.

Through the language of Scripture, God’s undying love for His Son is imparted to His children. In the process, there’s a beautiful chain reaction. Hearts are inflamed to love Him above all rival loves. Then, the outflow of God’s love in us activates affection for people who bear His image.

Something is amiss in our love relationship if we say we love the Lord but only casually fellowship with the Author and Creator of life. I’ve been there. Want to love God more? Fall in love with His Word.

But when I was a brand-new mom, I began to realize two crucial things. First, I realized my Bible study habits around that time were floundering at best.

I had two years worth of Bible study workbooks with a lot of empty blanks on the pages from where I fell asleep with a pen in my hand.

And second, I saw my intense need for wisdom, purpose, and direction. I remember laying my tiny daughter in her crib one afternoon and collapsing just outside her room. It wasn’t just from exhaustion. The weight of the responsibility of caring for, teaching, training, guiding, and leading my little girl was what made my knees buckle that day. I knew in my own strength and wisdom, I would never be enough.

So one very early morning after I had nursed my daughter and was waiting to see if she would stay asleep after I laid her down, I decided to redeem the time by studying my Bible. And as I continued that pattern during those first few months of her life, I found my craving for God’s Word growing.

Right there in the middle of that unlikely season of life, I found a time when I would consistently read and study the Bible, and I had an increased craving and desire to read and study God’s Word.

Then after adding two more children to our family, we moved to Virginia. There were many lonely, tiring days as I cared for three miniature human beings in the midst of a new city without many friends and no family nearby.

As I prayed for friendship and connection, I found the biggest part of my answer was Christ. I saw my need for a deeper, more all-encompassing relationship with Him. Desires and depth that couldn’t be filled through a friend—only a Savior.

Physical appetites and cravings are an obvious part of our everyday lives. But what does your mind, heart, and soul crave?


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