One Life to Live

Christ will even now, as always, be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. Phil 1:20

Yesterday, I had the great joy of visiting a dear lady and friend, in the Lord. My husband and I have known her and her husband for over thirty-three years. She’s not only dear to us, but to hundreds of others who’s lives she’s touched.

My friend has never written a book, has never been a public speaker, and never had the need to become a woman of status or stature. Many could envy her job title, but at the core of her being she’s remained authentic and sincere.

Carol could make you laugh out loud, and cry at the same time. Her one-liners were timely and natural. She was a mom and grandmother to so many in the church and she even baby-sat for families in the ministry. Our own children have great memories of time spent with her. She rejoiced with those who rejoiced and she wept with the hurting.

While always warm and personable, she never forgot to honor those whom she served. She was a diligent employee and confidant.

What makes one life stand out among others? Many individuals will be used through an audience, a platform, a pulpit or even the venues of social media. God does use men and women through these opportunities with mans technology to reach hundreds or even thousands with the message of the cross. Thank God for that!

However, let us never underestimate the individuals who gracefully fulfill their divine purpose in their daily walk without aid or advertisement. Those men and women who leave mighty impressions on the lives of others just by virtue of their love for the Lord.

Yes, there are Moses and Elijah, Deborah and Esther. New Testament heroes like John the Baptist and Peter and John. Also the beloved Paul, whose letters take us to the heights of glory in our holy calling to the depths of our depravity and need for Christ.

Yet we have other examples of those who served, and lived and sacrificed in their small corner of the world and effected many for God’s glory!

When all is said and done we’ve all been given only one life, one brief opportunity to occupy this planet.

As with all of us, this precious woman of faith was given a life to live and a course to run. She did it well!

My friend Carol will soon exchange mortality for immortality and gaze into her Saviors face. Cancer has done its worst here and now but God will have the final say then and there. Her life has witnessed volumes to me. My gratitude and grief go hand in hand.

Thank You Jesus for the Carol’s of this life. Help me in this one life to live, to be a small shadow of her example. For Your kingdom and Your glory. Amen

P.s. This lovely lady was the secretary of a man whose ministry reaches the globe. Never once did she put herself on that pedestal.

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